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What Do You Need to ..."Have, Do or Be" ...
In Order to Live Your Ideal Life, RIGHT NOW?

  1. Lose Weight?

  2. Stop Smoking?

  3. Release Stress & Anxiety

  4. Something Else?


What Changes Could You Make Right Now?


Could This Be You?

Rose, What Did You Do To ME?

"Tina lost 25 lbs!  She asked me what I did to her as her desire for all sweets vanished. All I did was TAP with her on Chocolate!"

Fear of Heights - GONE!

"Chris had a fear of heights that affected every aspect of his life.  In ONE SESSION, no more Fear of Heights!"

No More Fast Food!

"The pull of Carl's Jr was so great for Keryn.  She desperately wanted this desire to be gone. After  TAPPING, all desire for Fast Food, GONE!"

What People Have Said

There was a time when I couldn't stop eating or smoking! Until I found out there were people out there who could help people like me.

My Name is Rose Black, and I am here to help.

What Could You Use Help With?
Smoking? Over-Eating? 
Food Craving & Urges? 
 Fear, Worry, Stress and Anxiety?

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